bonnie + kelly = engaged

i’ve known bonnie for, let’s see here… almost 20 years? i’m sure our moms could tell you exactly how long we’ve been friends, but let me tell you – it’s been a long time! bonnie, kelly and i went to high school and college together (go frogs!). when bonnie asked me over christmas to take their engagement photos i was so excited. nothing is more fun than photographing my friends – especially when they’re as in love as bonnie and kelly are. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it a hundred more times – i love love, but what i love most is seeing people i love in love. bonnie and kelly both fit the bill for this one. congratulations, you two. love you both so much! oxo



Bonnie O'Brien - Thank you so much Helen! I love you and I cannot even explain how specail it was for you to take our engagement pictures! They are amazing so far, and am so glad that you are moving to Midland so you can take more and more throughout our lives! 🙂

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