bonnie + kelly = engaged

i’ve known bonnie for, let’s see here… almost 20 years? i’m sure our moms could tell you exactly how long we’ve been friends, but let me tell you – it’s been a long time! bonnie, kelly and i went to high school and college together (go frogs!). when bonnie asked me over christmas to take their engagement photos i was so excited. nothing is more fun than photographing my friends – especially when they’re as in love as bonnie and kelly are. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it a hundred more times – i love love, but what i love most is seeing people i love in love. bonnie and kelly both fit the bill for this one. congratulations, you two. love you both so much! oxo



Bonnie O'Brien - Thank you so much Helen! I love you and I cannot even explain how specail it was for you to take our engagement pictures! They are amazing so far, and am so glad that you are moving to Midland so you can take more and more throughout our lives! 🙂

happy birthday to me!

today i turn 24 years old. actually – at 6:33am i turned 24 years old (thanks mom for the email). i’ve been meaning to make a personal post and decided that a post about all of the things that will be happening in my 24th year could be a good one.


in the next year i will:

  • shoot 5 times more weddings than i did in the last year.
  • move myself and my business back to my hometown – midland, texas.
  • celebrate the one year anniversary of my business.
  • get married to a boy i met at a birthday party in the sixth grade. (more on that at
  • eat a lot of nutella.
  • become a wife to sam and a mom to roy (the american bulldog).


in the next year i want to:

  • balance work and life well.
  • learn to sew.
  • put a few more stamps in my passport.
  • plan for our marriage, not just our wedding.
  • take time to be grateful.


the 23 years of life i’ve had have been a great adventure. i’ve been blessed with wonderful friends, a super supportive family and lots of opportunities that have brought me to this first day of my 24th year. happy birthday to me! it’s going to be a really great year.


Katie - Ahhh! Yay. That’s amazing. Congratulations. :0

David - Happy Birthday, sweetie. Caught a nice fish for you today for your birthday. Wrapped it up and UPSed it to Fort Worth. Probably should refrigerate the beast if you don’t get it cooked by Friday.
Love you, Dad

Lauren Tatum - Happy Birthday H! I can remember it like is was yesterday that you, me and AK were sitting on the bed at the lake condo talking about “life”. So happy for you and Sam!

Cougar Aunt Kim - Happy Birthday! I look forward to your year of 24 as well and you are going to be a great addition to the family! Love you bunches!!!

Sandy Sledge - How lucky am i to be getting a beautiful young lady to call my daughter in law and the perfect companion for my son. ( a mother’s dream) Happy Birthday Helen!!! and many, many more!!!Love you, sandy

Emmy - Happy birthday, sister! I love you and can’t wait for the rest of your 24th year!

Aubrey - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps I heart your puppy! ^_^

ash - YAY! happy birthday, you lovely girl! Wish we could celebrate with you, and I’m so glad that in this past year of life, we met you! 🙂

lisa + cannon = engaged

lisa + cannon were so much fun to be with yesterday. they had me laughing the whole time. lisa and cannon are the perfect example of a couple who completely balance each other. lisa is a super smiley, fiery ball of energy and cannon is such the easy going, relaxed, go with the flow counterpart. we had a little adventure and here are a few of the images i captured along the way. congratulations, lisa + cannon! i’m so very glad to know you both. oxo

elizabeth + kyle = engaged

elizabeth + kyle are home town sweethearts – i am so lucky to have the same home town as these two precious people. (and that would be the great city of midland, texas, for those who don’t know.) from the start these two were super comfortable, casual and easy to photograph. while we were out and about there was a moment when i got really caught up in their interactions – there is a certain confidence that comes with being totally, head-over-heels in love with someone and one result of that confidence is being able to share the same “space bubble” for two hours. these two are so smitten with each other that their closeness and care emanate in every image. congratulations, elizabeth + kyle – i am looking forward to your wedding in october! oxo

kimberly + jarrod = married

kim + jarrod got married in january. it was awesome – the weather was beautiful, the preacher was funny, the food was great — but the best part about the entire day was that kim + jarrod started the day as individuals and ended it as one. kim + jarrod are such wonderful, sweet people and i am so grateful to have been a part of the start of their marriage. these are just a few of the many, many favorites. congrats, mr. + mrs. sparks! oxo

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