madison + zach = engaged

i have no words to describe how much i love these two. i’ve known both of them for most of my life and i am so excited that they are getting married! i’m seriously stoked to be photographing their wedding in october. madison + zach are such fun-loving, sweet people… even if i hadn’t told you, you would have been able to figure that out by looking at these images from their engagement session. i love people in love. and i really love people i love in love. congrats you two!

brittany + stephen = engaged

i’ve known brittany since she was in elementary school — her older sister, candace, is one of my dearest friends from midland. when i heard brittany was engaged, i secretly prayed that she’d ask me to do their engagement photos. although you may have seen a few of these on the new website, they were never blogged — so here they are!

knowing brittany, and how awesome she is, i should have expected that the man she would spend the rest of her life with would be amazing — but i was totally blown out of the water by stephen. he was so patient with me and he humored me and all of my silly instructions.

brittany & stephen met at texas a&m. after brittany graduates in december, she will be joining stephen in dallas as he continues to pursue his football career with the dallas cowboys. brittany & stephen provide a wonderful example of a godly, loving, fun & devoted relationship. i’ve been blessed to know brittany’s family for most of my life & i look forward to seeing the adventures that are ahead for these two as they start their life together.

congrats, brittany & stephen! love to you both.

cara - It’s a long story how I stumbled across this page, but these are truly gorgeous photos — great work!

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