mandy + kyle = engaged

mandy & kyle are two of the most humble, interesting and lovely people i’ve ever known. they share a geniune love of people and service – and after you hang around them for about five minutes, you see that they also share a deep love for one another. i am so grateful to be included in this wonderful time in their lives – they are getting married in may and i cannot wait!

if you know any aggies… you know how important their rings are… i come from a family FULL of aggies. 🙂mandy & kyle are also involved in an awesome ministry called living water. kyle is actually in charge of the texas a&m group — so awesome.congrats, mandy & kyle! i can’t wait for your wedding. oxo

the don’t give up project

as the first entry on this new blog, i thought it would be appropriate to include images & links to the idea/movement that really pushed me to make a change. this new chapter of my life/business will bring lots of challenges, but it will also bring creative freedom & allow me to really have this business be more than just a job.

for the don’t give up project, founded by the parsons, we spent 3 days in the majestic mountains of colorado — eating unbelievable food, talking, laughing, sharing our experiences, learning from jeremy & ashley, and learning from each other. i am blessed to be a part of a movement that encourages couples to look forward to their marriage, not just their wedding, and encourages photographers to see the bigger picture — we are capturing the stories of people’s lives. and it’s a big deal.
here are a few images i took of jessi & dave – during our stay in colorado they kept our tummies filled with amazing food. jessi & dave have such a palpable chemistry that you can’t help but feel their love radiating throughout the room. these two are awesome cooks, awesome photographers, awesome people & awesome friends. enjoy.

s o c i a l   m e d i a